The Pita Pit

The Pita Pit

This is the Pita Pit restaurant my sister and I went to for lunch. We both had the Falafel Pita. The steps to ordering your meal resemble restaurants like Chipotle and Subway. However, The Pita Pit has a whole different niche for making their sandwiches. The pita bread is just the beginning of the strategy. A customer chooses the kind of Pita bread that they want. The counter waitress/waiter will heat it for less than 20 seconds and will cut open half of the pita bread. They don’t separate the two layers of the pita bread. I find it interesting how they make a little opening just like a pocket. I thought that they will prepare the pita just like a burrito by putting the food on it then wrapping it. Of course, this doesn’t work with the burrito since it has one layer. The customers tell them what they want inside of the pita before the choice of protein or vegetable is grilled. I asked them to put some lettuce, olives, hummus, and a special Greek sauce called Tzatziki. The fresh, hot falafel from the grill was then placed on the top and the pita was wrapped. 

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