White Castle

White Castle 

This afternoon, I went to White Castle for lunch. It’s my second time at this restaurant. It is special for the 3 inch, small, hamburger sandwiches that they serve. They are also called sliders. Last year I ordered the Chicken Breast Slider. As a matter of fact, I was surprised that a single meal has two to four sandwiches. I ordered only one sandwich, but I was disappointed when I saw that it was very small. Today, I ordered “The Original Slider”. The Original Slider comes with four 100% beef hamburgers, fries, and a drink. Cheese, pickles, and onions can be added as well. I enjoyed the meal because the sandwich, meat, cheese, and pickles all melt in your mouth at the same time. Their beef is thinner than the chicken. The meal cost $6.29 including tax. For me, this is a type of restaurant that I would go there once or twice a year. 

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