23rd Belated Birthday and Eid al Fitr

Today was Eid al Fitr and the celebration of my birthday. Our Community made takbeerat and we prayed around 10:45. We ate some snacks after the speech. Since it was Friday, we also had to perform Friday prayers. We ate lunch at around 3:00 pm. After lunch my family and I went to the house to take some Eid pictures. We also celebrated Grandpa and my birthday although it was two days late. Both my grandpa and uncle have the same birth day as I do. July 15. However, my uncle wasn’t in the states to celebrate with us.

The chocolate cake was made by Food City and it was decorated like the atmosphere of SpongeBob SquarePants. The cake had “Happy 23rd Birthday, Asaad” written on it. My sliblings made me a Ferrero Rocher tree. They also brought me a birthday card and a small, stuffed Teddy bear. I’ve never owned a teddy bear before 🙂 . The pop-up birthday card was very cool. The design of the tree was pretty creative. It was made by putting clay in a flower pot, sticking a stick in the center of a Styrofoam ball, and placing the stick in the clay. The toothpicks resembled branches and they sticked the Ferrero Rocher on the Styrofoam ball.

We gave our Grandpa some purple flowers with a birthday card. My grandpa also gave my siblings and I some cash! We call it Eidiya. Basically, it’s some money as a gift for Eid. My grandma also got a card for her birthday which was a couple of weeks ago.

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