Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park

Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park- Lexington, Kentucky

Today, my brother and I went to SkyZone Indoor Trampoline Park at Lexington, Kentucky. The name says it all. We had a blast! I didn’t think that it will be so much fun. I signed a waiver on a computer for my brother before we bought the passes. We bought the jump passes from Groupon. A one-hour jump pass is about 14 dollars per person, but Groupon had an offer for 16 dollars for two people. The special kind of socks were for a dollar. The fun finally began after a staff went over the rules with us. They offer open jump, a SkySlam Court, Foam Zone, and last but not least Ultimate Dodgeball. I first tried the Foam Zone. The Foam Zone is a pit that has thousands of foam cubes. The foam cubes are 8*8*8 inches, and the pit is about six feet deep. The SkySlam Court was pretty cool! There were 3 basket hoops of different lengths. I thought that we can be on a team; however, we stood in a line and each person had a chance to jump and dunk the ball. It is much safer that way though. The open jump was also cool. Finally, we played dodge ball.

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