List of Trees

The following are the list of trees that I have to memorize for my Botany quiz.



Acer rubrum- red maple

Acer saccharum- sugar maple

Cercis canadensis – redbud

Cornus florida- flowering dogwood

Fraxinus americana- American ash

Ginkgo biloba- maidenhair tree

Quercus macrocarpa- bur oak

Quercus rubra- northern red oak

Liquidambar styraciflua- sweetgum

Platanus occidentalis- sycamore

Taxodium distichum- bald cypress

Tilia americana- American basswood

Ulmus americana- American elm


Abies concolor- white fir

Ilex opaca- American holly

Juniperus virginiana- eastern red cedar

Magnolia grandiflora- southern magnolia

Picea abies- Norway spruce

Picea pungens- Colorado blue spruce

Pinus strobus- Eastern white pine

Pseudotsuga menziesii- douglas fir

Taxus cuspidata- Japanese yew

Thuja occidentalis- northern white cedar

Tsuga canadensis- eastern hemlock

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