Celtic Wiccan – A Wellness Ritual

Celtic Wicca – A Wellness Ritual 

Today, I met someone with a religion that I had never heard of before. It all happened as I was entering the Chapel of Meditation at Eastern Kentucky University to perform my daily prayers. The door made a loud sound as it closed. A women standing in the middle of the Chapel mentioned how loud that door can get. I agreed. She started talking to me along with two people sitting on a pew. We exchanged questions about our beliefs, nationalities, and  academic studies. I walked to the round, marble table in the middle of the Chapel, and I asked her to explain to me what she was doing. It turns out that she is a Celtic Wiccan. She was performing a wellness ritual by lighting up a stem, making a small prayer, and stamping it on a leaf of a flower. Each prayer was stamped by a stem on a different leaf. 
I stepped aside to pray. After I finished praying, she came up to me and gave me a leaf. I was perplexed because I didn’t know what to do with it. She did a small prayer for me and it was in the leaf. All I had to do was to touch it and the prayers will transfer to my body. I thanked her for one spiritual experience. 

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