Dell Inspiron 2600

Dell Inspiron 2600 – Windows Professional 2000

The first laptop that my father bought was a Dell Inspiron 2600.  I was in the third grade. The photo on the top is the second one since the first one was ruined. I wouldn’t have been very good at computers if I didn’t have the courage to discover and explore new things on it. Of course, I didn’t start playing around with it until my dad got another Toshiba laptop. One time I asked my dad if I can send a email to one of my family member. The concept behind emails were vague to me. I never got to send one because the connection used to time out and I was a slow in typing.  This was also the first laptop that I learned how to design websites.

I remember when I first started searching the web on it. All I can do is Google search online games. I found two online games. One was Fact Monster Arcade and the second one was Professor XYZ’s Lab. Both of the flash online games don’t exist anymore. I also played so much games on it that I had to format it more than a dozen times. Some of the games I played on it were Twisted Metal 2 and Hitman Codename 47. I got my games from Syria since they were less than a dollar. Unfortunately, they came with many viruses. My dad’s friend formatted my laptop whenever I ruined it. When I went to Syria during my summer break, my uncle’s friend used to format it for me as well. During that time I knew that I had to learn how to format it. I no longer needed the help of anyone to format my laptop because I watched him doing it over and over again until I learned how to do it. Learning how to format it was especially helpful when I was taught how to open the registry editor and play around with Microsoft System Configuration.

This laptop is sort of heavy. I wish all the laptops today were as durable as this one. This laptop doesn’t turn on anymore due to the battery or the charger. I haven’t opened it in years but I remember that it had about 15 to 20 gb on it. It was 15 inch. 

Its Charger

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