My First Xbox Games

The following Xbox games are the ones that I have:

  1. Kung Fu Chaos- I beat the entire game. It was the best Xbox game ever. 
  2. Exhibition 2.0 Demo discDemos–Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb – Capcom vs Snk2  -Mechassult – Vexx 
  3. Burnout 3 Takedown
  4. MX Superfly
  5. Star Wars The Clone Wars / Tetris World
  6. SSX 3
  7. Need for Speed Underground 2- 99% complete. I did’t know what mission is left to complete the game. 
  8. Spider-Man 2
  9. Fantastic Four
  10. NBA 2K7 
  11. Sonic Heroes
  12. Crash Bandicoot -The Wrath of Cortex 
  13. NBA Street V3
  14. Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer

Games that I Rented:
  1. Pitfall – the Lost Expedition
  2. Spider-Man 
  3. Hitman Contracts- 

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