Dr. John C. Maxwell – Lexington, Kentucky

An Evening with Dr. John Maxwell at Lexington, Kentucky

*A summary of Dr. Maxwell’s advice noted from the event are at the bottom of this page

John Maxwell and Matthew Mitchell

I first heard about Dr. John C. Maxwell when I was in a leadership class at Big Sandy Community College. That course was a requirement for the final semester in the Honors Program. Our professor handed us out an article that Dr. Maxwell wrote. I can’t exactly remember the name of the article since I had read it about three years ago. However, I do remember that it was an interesting article because he wrote a list about self-improvement. The professors that taught the class- there were two of them- encouraged us to sign up with “A Minute with John Maxwell“. After reading some of his books, I wanted to find out if he offers any other opportunities to learn about leadership and self-development. His website listed many seminars, events, and workshops that were going on. However, all of them were out of the state of Kentucky, and most of them were in other countries. I was interested to attend at least one seminar. I had a very tight university schedule, and I also had summer classes coming up.

After a year or so as I was scrolling through the list of his future seminars, I saw that he was going to host an event in Lexington, Kentucky. I couldn’t believe my eyes! I had to reread the text many times to make sure it wasn’t in another state. The location was at Immanuel Baptist Church, which is exactly ten minutes away from my apartment. The event was sponsored by the Mitchell Family Foundation. I was fortunate enough that I had no college classes during that time. Best of all, the tuition was only $15, and a free copy of “21 Irrefutable Law of Leadership” would be provide to all the people who attended. The cost of his seminars are usually a hundred times more. I signed up for the event immediately. The event was on September 23, 2014 at 6:00 pm.

The big day finally came, and I was finally going to see Dr. John Maxwell! Many questions were racing through my head: What should I talk to him about? How should I introduce myself? What are the right questions to ask him? Most importantly, will I even have a chance to meet him? I was glad that I made it early to the event since I got stuck in a traffic jam as I was coming back from EKU. I sat in the second row to the far left so I can be the first to meet him. Before going up to the podium, he sat in the first row where the audience sat. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to meet him because there were so many people waiting in line to talk, shake hands, and even take a selfie with him.

Dr. Maxwell’s Advice

I will now share his valuable advice from the event. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to write down everything he said since I had forgotten to bring a notebook with me. However, I typed as much as I can using my note app on I-Phone. There is a reference section at the bottom of this page that links to his blog if you want the full version of this specific topic. His words of wisdom will fill you up with hope, motivation, and inspiration.

“There are two paths to 100% success. The first path is 76%, and the second path is 24%.

“Discover your purpose in life”
This is the first path. Why was I born? You will never find your way in life if you don’t ask why.

“Grow to your maximum potential”
The second path is to grow to your maximum potential by discovering your passion. Passion leads to purpose, and it will give you high levels of energy and motivation. Passion is not only a fuel, but it is contagious.
“I’m not working”, he said, “It’s only work when you feel like doing something else.”
Figure out your ability. What do I do well? Discover your strength and work very hard on it. Work on your strengths not weaknesses. Don’t concentrate on your weakness. People don’t pay for average. If you have a 3 out of 10 in a particular skill, you can work very hard to improve it, but it won’t go above a 5. Average never inspired. Instead you have to grow to your maximum potential. If you work on a skill that you have a 6 out of 10, you will grow to 9 out of 10 or even 10/10! Don’t fear failure.

We go through life unintentional. Growth isn’t automatic. You have to be intentional.
“Most people accept their life. Few people lead their life.”

“Sowing seeds that benefit others”
Be successful by adding value to others. Find things that people want and give them answers.”

John C. Maxwell.


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