Annoying Facebook Users

Eight Annoying things People do on Facebook

  1. Having a different profile name
    This is what inspired me to write this blog. How could other users be able to search that specific person? It even gets more annoying if they don’t have a profile picture of themselves.
  2. Commenting on or liking posts that are decades old
    That is called stalking, and people don’t like that.
  3. Posting once every hour
    Trust me! I have some Facebook friends that do that. In fact, people that do that may be depressed, research says.
  4. Complaining or whining constantly
    Each one of us has our own problems, and we don’t want to listen to more of them.
  5. Liking their own posts
    I just want to know why some people do that.
  6. Sending game requests
    Most of us aren’t really interested in those games. No offense.
  7. Post religious or political debates
    I used to do that in the past; however, things got really bad. Unless you want to make enemies, don’t start those kind of conversation. If you really want to debate on such topics then it is better to discus them in person than on the web.
  8. Changing their profile pictures all the time
    People that do that are either obsessed with themselves or are bored.


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