Windows 95 Unforgettable Games

Windows 95 DOS games were the best! In the wonderful days of 1995, my dad bought Windows 95 when I was three years old. I recall how I used to explore everything on it and especially all the games. I forgot the name of that one game that came pre-installed on Windows. It used to have that dog with a round black spot on one of its eye. When the game starts he barks and goes somewhere. There was some kind of castle or a fancy house. I don’t remember what happens when you press on the castle to come in; however, the only thing I remember was that you can record your voice and there were dinosaurs in the background. However, I accidentally put a password on the game by typing in characters since I was too young to know what a password was. I’ve always wanted to know what that game was called.

The following games came with Windows 95 on a CD:

  • Pitfall The Mayan Adventures- I never made it through the first level. I was too young to play this game. My little sister broke the Cd.
  • The Adventures of Hyperman- I used to play it over and over again. Unfortunately, I didn’t know what save and load were. 
  • Dinosaur Adventures- 
  • Magic Theatre- I enjoyed making animations on that program.
  • Endor Fun- Are there still games like that today?
  • Undersea Adventures- 

The following games were Pre-installed on Windows 95:

  • Hoover I love that Capture-the-Flag game. 
  • Ski Free- That monster used to freak me out! It wasn’t on the first Windows 95 that came out.
  • Rodent’s Revenge- I used to play it at my friend’s house.
  • Fuji Golf- I had no idea how to play it.

The following games are the ones that I bought:

  • The Neverhood- My uncle got it for me as a gift.
  • Road Rash- 
  • The Lion King-
  • Hexen-
  • Window’s the Puzzle Collection- 
  • Jazz Jackrabbit- This game used to frustrate me.
  • Age of Empires I- My friend used to own this game and I absolutely loved it. 
  • Friendly Forest Reading Club – Today, you won’t find educational games as cool as this one.
  • Heretic-
  • Worms- I used to play it with my uncle when he came back from work. 
  • Raptor- 


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