Paintsville Pediatrics

Paintsville Pediatrics is a clinic located in Paintsville that was established in 1989. My father bought the practice on September, 2000.

Dr. Khattab bought in 2006. Since then, the website had gone through many edits. My dad’s friend first created the website using Microsoft Publisher 2007. He used a good template, but I wanted to take it one step further. I put my Dreamweaver 8 skills to the test. I had learned how to create basic websites with this program by taking a class at SBS Computer Training Center.
I spent many days researching and tweaking html codes to insert at PP website. I’ve always enjoyed web designing. My design was good, but I still wanted it to have a professional design. The template remained for about five years. It was definitely time for a change. A professional design will attract many people to the website, and that was exactly what I wanted.
Since my Photoshop skills now are sort of rusty, I used a WordPress template from Mojo Themes. The template is called ” Creativo 5 “. Indeed, it is creative. The template not only has a cool look to it, but it is also dynamic and responsive. I installed WordPress to the website a couple of days ago. I couldn’t stop looking at it when I was completed. I went from page to page making sure that everything is perfect. Many things are still not included on the website.

I can’t wait to go to the office and record a list of names and info of our team members working at PP to update them to the web. I will also upload new pictures.
I would definitely love to hear your ideas and comments on the website below.



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