Eye Contact- Wonder, Don’t Wander

Eye contact is my favorite part in the Communication skills. It definitely goes a long way. Personally, I faced difficulty when I first tried to maintain eye contact with people. I felt embarrassed and weird looking into other people’s eyes, but with practice I now cannot do without it. Challenge yourself to do it to everyone you meet and soon it will become natural.
It is considered rude not to have eye contact with the person you are communicating to especially if it is your first time meeting. It shows a lack of respect for that specific person.

-Some people in other countries may find eye contact as a challenge or offense, so be careful when you go to a foreign country.
-Staring at someone with a different sex may lead to a big question mark.
-If you feel that the person you are contacting with is feeling uncomfortable with your eye contact technique then I would decrease my eye contact.  

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